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The songs of our heart rise to the God we serve

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"...I've heard Leontyne Price and a lot of other famous opera singers' rendition of The Lord's Prayer,

but I've never heard anything that good..."

Jimmy Carter

39th President of The United States


The Ministry of Song Rise To Thee is known for its intentional focus on God’s music. They raise inspirational and sacred music including Hymns, Anthems, African American Spirituals and original compositions in a classical style.


For over 19 years, the Coloratura voice of Phyllis Adams, coupled with Master Accompanist Lelia E. Bolden have worshipped with passion.


They come together with only one purpose in mind and that is to exalt the name of Jesus, the Christ. They purpose to deliver a custom-made sound that will rest upon your spirit and draw you into the presence of God.

(l.- r.: Lelia Bolden and Phyllis Adams)



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Song Rise To Thee Opens the 2017 Human Rights Defenders Forum

Performing before President Carter, First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, over 70 Atlanta leaders and The United Nations, Song Rise To Thee opened the ceremony with The Lord's Prayer. Upon hearing their performance, President Carter exclaimed...


“…I’ve heard Leontyne Price and a lot of other famous opera singers' rendition of The Lord’s Prayer but, I’ve never heard anything that good. That was superb. I say this prayer at least once a day and I will remember that when I say it the next time myself.”

Jimmy Carter, 39th President of The United States 


We want to help other artists achieve the highest level of excellence in their work.



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